Webinar Videos

Webinar: Cloud-based Zero Touch Provisioning Masterclass

In this webinar we'll show you how cloud-based Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) works in Sky Enterprise. We'll show the simple steps to get you started doing your own hands-free deployments of Juniper devices. Then we'll dive into the technical details to show you the flexibility of the solution to handle even the most complex use cases.

Webinar: Getting Started with Sky Enterprise (March 2020)

In this webinar we will show you the simple steps for setting up Sky Enterprise in your network environment, including:

  • ordering details to help you choose the right licenses for your needs
  • supported Juniper models and Junos versions
  • account creation and activation
  • license activation
  • adding users to your environment
  • adding existing (brownfield) devices to Sky Enterprise
  • using cloud-based Zero Touch Provisioning to rapidly deploy new (greenfield) Juniper devices
  • overview of configuration, reporting and monitoring functions in Sky Enterprise
  • adding SRX WiFi cards
  • adding tenants to your network, and much more.

Webinar: Simple Campus Management with Juniper Sky Enterprise (February 2020)

Deploying, configuring and managing Juniper-based campus networks has become simpler and more efficient with Sky Enterprise, Juniper's cloud-based network management platform.

We'll show you how you can deploy greenfield campus switches with zero touch provisioning, or bulk load hundreds of brownfield switches directly into Sky Enterprise. We'll demonstrate the ability to make bulk changes to all your devices in one simple step.

Webinar: Building small data centers with Juniper Sky Enterprise, QFX and ESI-LAG(January 2020)

In this webinar we walk through the streamlined process of building a small data center fabric using Juniper Sky Enterprise, QFX devices and ESI-LAG. We cover the simple steps to add the devices to Juniper Sky Enterprise cloud-based management platform. Then, using templates from the Sky Enterprise Github repository, we deploy the ESI-LAG fabric configuration across QFX10K, QFX5K and EX4300 devices.

We show how junior engineers can both build and manage the data center using Sky Enterprise's intuitive cloud-based portal.

Webinar: Sky Enterprise Cloud-managed Branch-in-a-Box (December 2019)

Juniper's new SRX WiFi mPIM Access Point - fully supported in Sky Enterprise - adds a new dimension to what was already an incredible branch office solution delivered by Juniper's SRX Gateway. In this webinar we'll show you how you can use Sky Enterprise cloud-based management to deploy, configure and manage the 'Branch-in-a-Box' SRX solution from a browser, including: zero touch provisioning, NGFW security management, WiFi configuration and management, Hybrid WAN and much more.

Looking for the ultimate cloud-managed, single device branch solution? Then this webinar is a must!

Webinar: Sky Enterprise Overview and New Features (October 2019)

In this webinar we'll take you through the basic Sky Enterprise cloud-based network management functionality to show you how to deploy, configure and manage your Juniper devices easily using a web browser.

Then we'll show you some of the exciting new features, and we'll finish off by giving you a view of what's coming soon.

Webinar: Juniper Network Configuration Management Made Easy (September 2019)

This month's webinar will deep-dive into device configuration management. We'll demonstrate the key configuration management features in Juniper Sky Enterprise, including configuration audit, configuration compare, configuration rollback and configuration backup.

Then we'll walk through the process of replacing a failed device (RMA) using Sky Enterprise Zero Touch Provisioning and configuration backup/restore.